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Vignette stickers 2011: Prices, protection, replacement and distribution

In 2011 the National Road Infrastructure Fund will offer a total of 16 kinds of vignette stickers:
- The annual vignette sticker is valid from 1 January of the current year, in which was issued until 31 January next year;
- Monthly vignette sticker is valid for one calendar month from the date of its validation;
- Weekly vignette sticker is valid for seven days from the date of its validation
- The daily vignette sticker is valid for the day that is marked on it through the perforation.
The most significant change for 2011 is in the design of the vignette sticker. In order to strengthen control in 2011, all kinds of vignette stickers will have a built-in field for entering autographically the registration number of the registration plate of the motor vehicle. This is necessary given the extremely large number of citizens who have more than 1 motor vehicle and replace the vignette sticker, depending on the vehicle they will use.
All vignette stickers have the same degree of protection. There are some of the items included in the new identity documents, such as special ink and dimetalised number of the hologram.
A duplicate of the annual vignette sticker is issued pursuant to Art. 10a, paragraph 5 of the Roads Act. Only the National Road Infrastructure and Regional Road Directorate have the right to issue a duplicate of the annual vignettes in the cases of: breakage or theft of a front panoramic glass or manufacturing defect in the annual vignettes.
Vignettes are distributed:
• in 27 places in the regional travel offices of ARI;
• in 24 border checkpoints by the structures of the National Customs Agency;
• by distribution company, which has over 1500 distribution desks;
Sales start in the week: 6-12 December 2010, when the new vignette stickers will be in the distribution network.
One year ago the National Road Infrastructure Fund announced a public procurement for 3 year contract for the distribution of vignettes. The contest was won by the consortium between SiBank and the security services company VIP Security.
The contract was signed on 8 January 2010. Partnership is very successful at that time and the consortium will continue to the second campaign for the distribution of vignette stickers for the forthcoming 2011.

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